Huawei 5kw On-Grid Sun2000-5KTL-M0

Anti-Islanding protection
DC reverse polarity protection
Insulation monitoring
DC lightening protection
AC lightening protection
Residual current monitoring
AC short-circuit protection
AC over-voltage protection
Ripple receiver control
Arc fault protection (AFCI)
Integrated PID recovery

HUAWEI innovates and optimizes throughout the entire life cycle of PV energy generation. By integrating cutting-edge digital, internet and PV technology, our Fusion Solar Smart PV Solution is efficient, easy to install, safe and reliable, helping you achieve better ROI with higher yields and lower maintenance cost.
Max. Efficiency98.50%
Max. input voltage1100 V
Operating voltage range160 V – 1000 V
Start Voltage200 V
Rated input voltage600V
Max. input current per MPPT11:00 AM
Number of MPP Trackers2
Max. number of inputs2
Grid connectionthree phase
Rated output power5000 W
Max. apparent power5500 VA
Rated Output Voltage230 Vac/400Vac, 3W/N+PE
Rated AC Grid Frequency50Hz/60Hz
Max. output current8.5 A
Adjustable power factor0.8 leading — 0.8 lagging
Max. Total Harmonic Distortion<3%
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