High Precision Fiber Laser Machine

Widely used in sheet metal specially switch gear, sheet metal fabrication, with the variety of fiber sources. Fiber Machine can cut MS, SS and GI Sheets.

Industrialized welded machine structure, milled by high accuracy planning machine, anealing treatment is made after, strong and stable machine structure can be assured during long time operating.

Japanese THK grinding ball screw and THK high precision linear rail.

Japan YASKAWA servo motor ,the torque force is stronger,the working speed more faster and stable.

Automatically-tracing smoking extraction system, energy-saving and perfect smoke extraction effect.

Configured with inductive cutting head and mirror to reach as much smaller focus spot as, more delicate lines can be cut ,higher efficiency ,better processing quality. Optical fiber transmission, flexible processing, cuffing quality at any point can be ensured.

Professional laser CNC control system, computer operation, more simple operation. Compatible with a variety of software can design all kinds of graphics or text instant cuffing simple operation, flexible, convenient.

With infelli9ent discharging function material utilization rate is higher

Model TypeMPFL1530
Laser MediaNd: FIBER
PowerStrandard 500W Optional 300W/1000W
Wave Length1080mm
Min. Route Width± 0.1mm
Reposition Accuracy± 0.05mm
Cutting Width3000x1500mm
Cutting Thickness< 5.5mm MS, 3mm SS, 2.5mm GI (with 500 watts)
Aiming PositioningRed Dot
Voltage Requirement380V/50Hz
Cooling WayWater Cooling
Laser TypeFiber Laser
Laser workingMedium Fiber
Laser wavelength1070nm
Rate output power500W
Beam quality<0.373mrad
Table axial positioning accuracy≤±0.03mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracy table≤±0.02mm/m
Cutting speed≤30m/min
Maximum table load1600kg
Power RatingsThree-phase AC 380V 50Hz
Equipment electric power9KW
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