Metal & Non Metal Laser Cutting Machine

Applicable to process on metal and non metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, mould etc. Widely used in stainless steel luminous characters industry, advertising industry, cutting die industry, textile industry etc.

Industrialized welded machine structure, milled by high accuracy planning machine, annealing treatment is made after, strong and stable machine structure can be assured during long time operating.

Japan THK square linear rail, Taiwan rolling ball screw, smooth running and high accuracy.

Configured Japan servo motor, to ensure high cutting speed. The design of blade type working platform efficiently reduce the touching area of working platform and the processing material, thus to ensure the high quality of cutting.

Using high efficiency laser tube, gantry constant light path model, high quality of laser beam and high stability of laser power, thus to well improve the working efficiency and the best cutting effect of the full format.

Configured with inductive cutting head and servo system.

Adopting high accuracy cutting head to cut metal and non metal material.

Support several formats as CDR, DXF, PLT, AI, BMP, DST, JPEG Wide application, suitable for metal and non metal cutting.

Model typeMPLC1525
Power100W - 200W
Max. Speed20m/min
Reposition accuracy±0.1mm
Cutting area1300 x 2500mm
Carbon steel / Stainless steel thickness2mm
Acrylic thickness35mm
Power consumption2KVA
Weoking voltage220V/50Hz/60Hz/16A
Cooling typeWater Cooling
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