Inverex Solar

Inverex 375w Mono PERC RSM72-6-375M

Industry Leading lightweight 72-cell solar panel Latest Monocrystalline PERC Technology High CEC PTC Rate More Power for more electricity generation Higher Yield through improved performance in shaded conditions Breakthrough technologies for increased light capture 100% free of Potential Induced Degradation (PID) efficiency Losses Certificate for Salt Mist & Ammonia Corrosion Resistance

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Inverex 180w INV-MONO PERC

Higher efficiency: average 21 % with WVrty PERC, black Silicon technology high power output Anti-PID, Anti-LID, Tested in accordance PID FREE to the IEC 62804 Better performance at low irradiance to a LOW LIGHT higher yield, Better EL test result No cracks Passing IEC61215 IEC61730 Dynamic mechanical load test Full Automatic Production Line.

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