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setting the benchmark in expertly sourced and exceptionally exported vegetables
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Unleashing farm-fresh excellence worldwide, ensuring unparalleled freshness beyond borders.
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Seacom General Trading

Fruits, vegetables, spices, grains, pulses, and various other crops thrive in Pakistan. Given the abundant production of vegetables in the country, Seacom General Trading is actively involved in exporting vegetables from Pakistan. Our dedication to supplying top-of-the-line fresh vegetables as well as our long line of strong partnerships have helped us guarantee a  reliable service of the finest organic products which we are proud to present to communities worldwide. 

Seacom General Trading proudly holds the position of being the largest and most reliable vegetable exporter in Pakistan. We firmly believe in prioritizing our customers and provide dedicated assistance to our clients at every step of the vegetable export processAs one of the premier vegetable exporters in the country, we adhere strictly to all health and safety measures mandated by the Government of Pakistan. Our processes are characterized by complete transparency, ensuring that the desired products reach their destination safely, fresh, and on time.

Our Expertise

Premium Sourcing from Pakistan. |  Tailor-made Solutions, & Competitive Pricing.
Export and Distribution worldwide. | Representing Growers and Packers to Maximize Opportunity.

What we export

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